0xProtocol (ZRX) price in India

About 0xProtocol

Will Warren and Amir Bandeali founded 0x protocol back in 2016, they were inspired by the vision of a future where assets of all types and kinds will be traded using blockchain technology. Now their team’s mission is to ‘Create a tokenized world where all value can flow freely’. They believe in democratizing access to financial services in the same way that the internet has democratized access to information. 0x is made using a protocol that involves Ethereum smart contracts that allow those around the world to run a decentralized exchange.

Why buy 0xProtocol (ZRX)

In future decentralized exchanges will become more popular. And 0x will actually have a bit of an edge, because their platform will allow you to exchange for any ERC20 tokens instead of ones simply created on their own platform. There would be a total of 1 billion ZRX tokens, out of which 600 million are currently in supply. Currently 0x (ZRX) token ranks 37th on coinmarket.com with market capitalization of $170 million. Also according to coinmarketcap.com ZRX’s ROI (The approximate return on investment if purchased at the time of launch (or earliest known price) is around 152%. ZRX recorded its All time Low (ATL) of $0.103962 in 2017 and it’s All time High (ATH) of $2.53 in the bull run of 2018.

Buying 0xProtocol on Colodax

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